Mar from USA

posted on 2018.04.20

Yoko Takano is an excellent guide. She was well prepared for the trip. She took us to places that we wouldn’t know if we did our own tour. I’ll use again Tokyo Free Guide.

:The name of the guide is Yoko Takano.

Mariano from USA

posted on 2018.04.20

Kazuki is well prepared for the tour. He was really organized. Very polite and respectful. I would use again Tokyo Free Guide.

:The name of the guide is Kazuki Masuda.

Yevgeniya and Vladimir from USA

posted on 2018.04.20


Wonderful Suzuki Kaori

We spent a wonderful day in Tokyo with amazing Suzuki Kaori. She is extremely  nice person and very knowledgeable guide. She showed us so many interesting  places which we would neve find ourselves. The day with Kaori felt like a day  with a good friend.  We highly recommend hher to everyone who wants to explore beautiful Tokyo.  Thank you so much, Kaori!

:The name of the guide is Kaori Suzuki.

Sylvia from USA

posted on 2018.04.19


I could not say “thanks” enough to Ichiro-san for his hospitality and his  guidance to take us around Tokyo to those places that we have never been or  won’t be able too without his guidance.
Wish him all best luck in the world so he can continue do what he wants to do.

:The name of the guide is Ryuichiro Hayashi.

Elaine from Australia

posted on 2018.04.14

Our guide on 4 April was Junko Koyama. Junko was friendly, knowledgeable and punctual. We had a lovely day with her in Asakusa and Shinjuku. Thank youJunko for your time and generosity.

:The name of the guide is Junko Koyama.


Christina from USA

posted on 2018.04.12

CT from American

Miharu is an excellent and sweetest guide. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

:The name of the guide is Miharu Horio.

Dan from UK

posted on 2018.04.11

Shuji is a brilliant guide – enthusiastic, friendly, polite (who isn’t in Japan?!), well prepared and very knowledgable. We are both so pleased with our trip, despite the cold weather! Mr Akamoto is a friend to us now. We both genuinely love Japan, not just the country, but the culture and most especially the people. Arigato TFG/Shuji/Japan! We have never felt so welcome in all our travels. Thanks.

:The name of the guide is Shuji Okamoto.


José from Mexico

posted on 2018.04.11

Yasue is an extraordinary guide, very funny and cultured.

:The name of the guide is Yasue Enoki.

Fernando from Spain

posted on 2018.04.11

Koichi is a wonderful guide and an excellent person. We would definitely recommend him to any friend o familiar visiting Tokyo in the future.

:The name of the guide is Kouichi Yamazaki.

Claudia from Italy

posted on 2018.04.11

Takuya was very experienced and kind, he arranged our itinerary on our desires and allowed us to discover some amazing spots and shops in Tokyo that we could have not found by ourselves. Highly professional and recommended!

:The name of the guide is Takuya Hayashi.

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