Emily from Australia

Posted on 2015.08.18

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Edited On March 6, 2015   Emily san from Australia sent us this beautiful photo and comment on her guide, Naohmi Sakudado. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One of the busiest days of the year and we wanted to go to the Fish markets and it was raining.
Naohmi managed to get us there and showed us around explaining all different types of seafood. He then took us to the best sushi and then onto Electric town.
It was such a terrific day and Naohmi was such a fine host and guide. This photo is us at a temple where Naohmi taught to children to pray. Thank you Naohmi and Tokyo guides for making our trip to Tokyo  so special. Emily from Australia

Luisa from Philippines

Posted on 2015.08.18

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Edited Feb. 27, 2015
Luisa san from Philippines kindly sent us the following feedback. Luisa san, thank you for your comment !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, Tokyo Free Guide! I just want to provide feedback for one of your guides, Miki Morimoto. I'm very grateful for Miki. I really had ... a very wonderful time touring Tokyo with her last February 8th.  We were looking forward to see Kamakura but due to the weather that day, we just decided to tour the city. It didn't matter because we still had a great time. She took me to my first Buddhist temple ceremony and told me about the rituals involved, that's really unforgettable for me.
The place where she brought me to eat was really fantastic, I never enjoyed sushi that much before! We also toured Meiji shrine, a part of Yoyogi park, Harajuku, Shinjuku area, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and more. She took me to stores which I did go back to in the following days for shopping based on her recommendations. There was really no problem in communicating with her as she speaks really good English and she will make you feel comfortable, as if you've been friends for years! She's kind and shared not only information about Tokyo but her personal wisdom as well. I got so much inspiration from her stories. Truly, she is one great, wonderful woman. She even sent me suggestions for the places to visit in Kyoto. It was really a very great day and I can't thank her enough for that. She also made sure I was on the right train going back to where I was staying, thanks so much for everything Miki-san! Luisa from Philippines

Aurora from Philippines

Posted on 2015.07.26

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Edited on Feb. 23, 2015

Guest : Aurora and family from Philippines Route : Shibuya-Harajuku; Asakusa-Ueno-Akihabara Guide : Naomi Matsuo, Gen Sueyoshi

Comment from the guest

There are no words for how thankful we are to have met  Naomi Matsuo and Gen Sueyoshi, they accompanied us during our stay in Tokyo. They were patient, kind, knowledgeable and they spoke English very well. They went beyond to just being  our guides and we got to celebrate our anniversary with them,  we wish there was more time for us to hang out.They explained the history of the places we visited, how to act  when visiting shrines and temples. They even printed out guides for us for our trip to Disney and information about Meiji.

There was no possible way we could have covered everything without them. We can’t thank them and TOKYO FREE GUIDE enough for making our trip to Tokyo such a success!

We will definitely keep in touch.

Much love from our family

Aurora from Philippines