Rhonda from Australia

posted on 2018.06.16

We were really impressed with our guide, Miharu. She met us on time and was very friendly, helpful and knowledgable. We would definitely recommend this wonderful service to anyone. It was a highlight of our visit to Tokyo.
:The name of the guide is Miharu Horio.

Shirley from Israel

posted on 2018.06.14

Thank you Mack San

Mack san was fabulous – clear, intelligent and very kind. We enjoyed traveling with him so much! We would recommend to our friends and also would be happy to see him on our next visit in Tokyo.

:The name of the guide is Makoto Hori.

Belle from Singapore

posted on 2018.06.14

Noriko is an amazing guide and even though she was new, she was friendly, down to earth and most of all was accommodating! My Mother was weak (due to her illness) but Noriko walked with her, spent time with her and basically made all of us feel at ease. We love Noriko! Thank you for the guide!
:The name of the guide is Noriko Inoue.

Marcela from Argentina

posted on 2018.06.14

We had a great time

Our guide, Takahito Kushi, was very kind and helpful, and very knowledgeable. On saturday 14 of April 2018 we went to Ueno and Asakusa (including a visit to the Edo Tokyo Museum and the baby Panda at Ueno Zoo) and took the boat cruise on Sumida river from Asakusa. Our guide even helped us book our seats for the next days train long-trips, so with him we got the basics about moving around in Japan for the next weeks of our trip, learn a lot of history and had a great time: for lunch we enjoyed shabu-shabu that I know we would not have discovered as a great meal if it was not for his suggestion. We are very grateful with Takahito and truly enjoyed the guide experience with him in our first whole day in Tokyo.

:The name of the guide is Takahito Kushi.

Oded from Israel

posted on 2018.06.14

great time with Noriko

we two coupples from Israel  spent great day with Noriko Ohashi, learned a lot and had  good time.  hope to be again in Tokyo with Noriko’s guidance.

:The name of the guide is Noriko Ohashi.

Margaret from Spain

posted on 2018.05.28

The Guided Tour service provided by the Association is excellent. The guide was knowledgeable, well prepared, interesting, and friendly. The guides are to be commended for giving their time so freely to welcome tourist to Japan. They are true ambassadors for the country.

:The name of the guide is Teizo Tsuruyama.

Fabio from Italy

posted on 2018.05.28

thanks for everything, your company has been so precious!

:The name of the guide is Yoshifumi Masuda.

Yulia from Russian Federation

posted on 2018.05.28

I’m very glad that I found and had a chance to use such service as TFG. It is very useful and it promotes to better understanding of people 9d different nationalities.

:The name of the guide is Midori Akabane.

Victoria from USA

posted on 2018.05.28

Very pretty, friendly.

:The name of the guide is Nao Fujiama.

Ruth from Singapore

posted on 2018.05.28

I really enjoy my sightseeing with Ms. Noriko. She planed my itinerary in accordance to what I love to do. She is very knowledgeable and gave me alot of information regarding the history and culture of Japan. Ms. Noriko is really friendly and kind as she guided me to the my next destinaion. I loved on how she arranged our tea time to have it in an traditional cafe where i can experience sitting on a Tatami. She taught me the proper way and the meaning of cleansing oneself before entering a shrine. Thank you very much.

:The name of the guide is Noriko Inoue.

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