Hermawan from Indonesia

posted on 2018.02.16

Very Helpful for Japan first time visitor. My guide is Yuko Nakagaki, she help me find the halal food in Tokyo, learn about Tokyo Railway Maps and explaining about Japan.

:The name of the guide is Yuko Nakagaki.

Denise from Australia

posted on 2018.02.16

Service was exceptional.  Emails were answered promptly and our guide Emiko was excellent.  She was fun and listened to our requests.  Overall a most enjoyable day.

:The name of the guide is Emiko Bando.

Luciana from Argentina

posted on 2018.02.16

We were very pleased with de tour and the guide.. Both days were most enjoyable. Mihoko was very gentle and educating. We learned a lot about japanese culture. We would visit again your country whenever we can and highly recommend it to everyone we know. Mihoko chose the perfect locations, specially the second day, with rain forecast.

:The name of the guide is Mihoko Koguchi .

Karla from Indonesia

posted on 2018.02.16

My mother and I had a wonderful time in Tokyo with our guide Hideko-san.

This was our first time in Japan, and Hideko-san made it such an unforgettable experience. She was thoroughly helpful, friendly, and understanding. She always made sure we’re okay. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Thank you so much for your impeccable service! Can’t wait to go back to Tokyo.

:The name of the guide is Hideko Yamamoto.

Leon from USA

posted on 2018.02.16

Our first impression of Japan and its people was provided by Sonomi, and she did a wonderful work. She was very nice and patient. She adapted the tour based on the weather, and found very good places to visit. In addition, she was very effective managing the time.

Excellent service!

:The name of the guide is Sonomi Yamazaki.

SiewLeng from Singapore

posted on 2018.02.16

Haruka far exceeded all my expectations.  My husband and I met her on the first day we arrived in Tokyo from Singapore.  She met us at the hotel lobby and took us to a nice ramen shop for lunch.  She brought us to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Tower and to Meiji Shrine.  She had so much interesting information to share that made our visit so much worthwhile than if we had just gone there on our own.

Her level of preparation was astounding.  I had expressed interest to see Meiji Shrine as I knew it was time of Shichigosan and thought it would be lovely to see the children decked out in the beautiful kimonos.  We did see many children and as I chatted with Haruka, I asked her if she has photos of herself as a child in her first kimono. She had anticipated my question and had loaded photos of herself and her children in their first kimonos the night before so she could show them to me!  I was impressed!

I enjoyed her company so much that I asked if she could accompany me the next day to Tsukiji market as well.  She could not as she had other plans, but that night she sent me detailed instructions on the best way to get to Tsukiji market from my hotel complete with photos of which subway entrance to take!

As I moved through Japan, I sent her some photos of the places we were seeing and she would very often reply with more interesting information about what we were seeing.  It was as though she was guiding us remotely through our travels!I feel like I have made a good friend – and would love to return the service to her should she visit Singapore one day.

:The name of the guide is Haruka Kashimura.

Trina from Philippines

posted on 2018.02.16

I’m really Thankful i came across Tokyo Free Guide while researching about places to visit in Tokyo. My guide, miss Risa Yoshimoto, was very friendly. She took me to all the places i requested in our emails prior to my visit. She’s very fluent in english, too.

:The name of the guide is Risa Yoshimoto.

Jamie from UK

posted on 2018.02.16

Kumiko was fantastic, a truly wonderful friendly lady. We are very grateful that she spared the time to meet us and show us around your beautiful country.

I will recommend the service to any of my friends who are planning trips.

:The name of the guide is Kumiko Nishigai.


Rafael from Spain

posted on 2018.02.16

:The name of the guide is Mami Oishi.

Kimmo from Finland

posted on 2018.02.16

TFG service was good. We received enough information both before and after the guide was pointed to us. Our guide Yukiko Kuwahara fully understood what we wanted to see and experience.

:The name of the guide is Yukiko Kuwahara.

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