Rhea from USA

posted on 2017.06.01

Osamu is very good in communicating with us. He help me with my itenerary and he provide us maps that will help us to continue with our journey. Our 2 days experienced with thr TFG is really excellent, Im not really expecting that you guys are real, cause in my mind I said there’s no such thing as FREE but you guys suprise and amaze us that you guys are real. I really salute you guys. I hope your organization will continue from generation to genetation.

:The name of the guide is Osamu Yoshioka.

Sonia from France

posted on 2017.06.01


Very Excellent.

:The name of the guide is Atsushi Adachi.

Alan from Argentina

posted on 2017.06.01

Great service and huge help in getting to know Tokyo in the eyes of a local. Excellent in every way!!!

:The name of the guide is Kazumi Suzuki.

Samuel from Israel

posted on 2017.06.01

very good.

:The name of the guide is Kazuo Funayama.

Eduardo from Spain

posted on 2017.06.01

Excelente y muy recomendable.

:The name of the guide is Kiyotoshi Ota.

Paulette from Philippines

posted on 2017.06.01

TFG’s service  is very professional.  The guide assigned to us, Mr Soichi Tatsuzato, was knowledgeable of the tourist spots/sights and culture of Japan. He took us to famous landmarks in Tokyo, gave us a comprehensive orientation of the transport/rail system and patiently answered all our questions. Mr Soichi has a good command of the English language so we have no problem communicating with him.

:The name of the guide is Soichi Tatsuzato.

Mercedes from Argentina

posted on 2017.06.01

We are very grateful to TFG as it exceeded our expectations. Our guide, Soichi, was very friendly, and fun and gave us lots of information with clarity and precision. We had a beautiful time with the knowledge of Japan and its culture.

:The name of the guide is Soichi Tatsuzato.

Debbie from Australia

posted on 2017.06.01

Ryoko was an absolute pleasure to meet and was very knowledgeable. She met me at my hotel, had brochures for me and also took me to some wonderful places. I would definitely recommend Ryoko.

:The name of the guide is Ryoko Kobayashi.

Sophia from Netherlands

posted on 2017.06.01

The service was excellent and Mister Ichiro was a very knowledgeable man and very patient. We really enjoyed being with him and had him as a guide, great service!! You can use one of his photo’s he took.

:The name of the guide is Ryuichiro Hayashi.

Marina from Italy

posted on 2017.06.01

Great service!

:The name of the guide is Makoto Hori.

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