Jeanne from USA

posted on 2017.04.26

My daughter and I, would like to Thank TFG for choosing Mr. Ryuichiro Hayashi (Ichiro) as our Tour guide!  He’s an amazingly knowledgeable and energetic!  I wanted activities that my daughter would enjoy on her 9th birthday, and Mr. Ichiro planned our itinerary around her interest!  Moreover, he added my personal interest into our itinerary.  He took us to sites in Tokyo that I only saw on TV, the most popular, yet inexpensive sushi restaurant in Shibuya.  Ichiro is the most patient and kind guide!  Hen waited over 2 hours in our hotel but I still could not make it.  Thankfully, he still agreed to meet with us the next morning.  I was so relieved because We were in dire need of his service. I would give Mr Ichiro 2 thumbs up and  5 stars.  Thank you once again, Jeanne Lee.

:The name of the guide is Ryuichiro Hayashi.

Tara from USA

posted on 2017.04.26


A fabulous experience.
Ryoko-san was so lovely and welcoming.  This was my first trip to Tokyo and Ryoko was very encouraging when it came to me trying new foods at Tsukiji Fish Market. She also was very nowledgeable and a real ambassador for Tokyo.   I had a fabulous day and would highly recommend TFG.  My tour date was 18th April 2017 and my guide was Ryoko Kobayashi.

Terri from Canada

posted on 2017.04.26

I had a wonderful day with Yoko! We explored traditional areas of the city away from the tourist crowds, saw beautiful parks, and went to restaurants I would not have found on my own.  She shared a lot of insights about the areas we visited and also about her life in Japan.  I really enjoyed getting to know her throughout the day. I would highly recommend this service to others who want a local experience. The name of my guide was Yoko Konishi. Date was April 19th.

Elaine from Ireland

posted on 2017.04.22

Noriko was a wonderful guide and representative for TFG. She was a wonderful ambassador for Tokyo. She was friendly, helpful, engaging and interesting.

:The name of the guide is Noriko Ohashi.

Nurashikhin from Malaysia

posted on 2017.04.22

:The name of the guide is Fumihiro Mochimaru.

SONIA from Spain

posted on 2017.04.22

The guides Saburo and Masa were so great.

Me and my mum had great days thanks to them, discovering places thant I would’nt find otherwise.

Thank you very much!!!

:The name of the guide is Masataka Shimojo.

SONIA from Spain

posted on 2017.04.22

Me and my mum had great experience in the city, thanks to Saburo and Masa guides! Thanks again!

:The name of the guide is Saburo Iso.

Cenna from Indonesia

posted on 2017.04.20

Great service. Provide excellent opportunities for visitors to meet locals and gain better understanding on the places that we visit. Excellent!

:The name of the guide is Noriyuki Iwai.

Samantha from USA

posted on 2017.04.20

Kuniko did a wonderful job in explaining the history of Sensoji temple. I also loved the sushi restaurant she took us to for lunch. She had us seated in the tatami section which had a more traditional feel to dining. She did a wonderful in explaining the menu to us and introducing us to sashimi we have never seen before. Having TFG on our first day of our trip was a big help. I would highly recommend this service to any first-timer to Japan or anyone wanted to see the REAL Japan.

:The name of the guide is Kuniko Takemoto.

Federico from Italy

posted on 2017.04.20

Thank you for your service and your kind assistance, it was so nice to visit the city with a local guide, and we enjoyed the good company of Mr. Takashi very much! The tour he arranged for us was really perfect!

:The name of the guide is Takashi Yamaguchi.

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